• Cactus leather

  • Designed in Australia // Handmade in Mexico
  • Don't compromise on style

  • Be a part of a
    positive change


Cactus leather

Designed in Australia // Handmade in Mexico shop bags

Practical, beautiful and luxurious to touch.
Treat yourself whilst caring for planet earth.


Sustainable looks good on you.

Summer '21


Better quality handbags
are better for the environment

We celebrate the craftsmanship and the people that help us make the magic happen. Our handbags are made by a family owned and run handbag-manufacturing business in Leon, central Mexico, just 4 hours drive from the cactus farm that supplies the cactus leather.

We choose to use unique, high quality materials, like cactus leather to save water, the ecology, animals and people's health. By considering a vegan leather alternative, you can contribute to a more ethical future.

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