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meet the founder

Monique Montfroy

Starting from a place of love for the environment, a passion for design and a concern for the earth. I want to see a better future for everyone, including the earth. I am not just selling handbags. I am marketing the idea that we can do better and be better as humans.

A mixture of life events has led me to where I am now. I've always been deeply passionate about the human condition and caring for our natural world. I've been a practising documentary photographer since graduating with honours in photojournalism in 2015. In 2017 I went to Mexico for a 3-month artist residency program with an environmental NGO group. I photographed, lived and worked in far corners of the gulf of Mexico. Here I witnessed firsthand the detrimental impacts of plastic waste and over consumption on underdeveloped communities.

On my first trip to Mexico I had bought a cow leather handbag as a memento of my time there. I found out these bags were mass produced and the vendor couldn't tell me where from or who made it. I had a passing thought of ‘how can these beautiful bags be made and give credit to the skilled people making these bags. It was at this time of maximum free time and staying at home that I decided to research this idea that lay dormant for many years; to make handbags in collaboration with artisans and skilled workers.

The legend of texcoco

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