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5 Reasons Why Vegan Leather Handbags Are Better!

5 Reasons Why Vegan Leather Handbags Are Better!

In this article, we will be talking about the 5 most important reasons why vegan leather bags are better as compared to others that are available in the market.

But before we start, let's discuss what vegan leather bags are and what they're made of. So, Vegan leather as a raw material is normally made from polyurethane which is a polymer that factory managers generally get made on orders. These polymers can be conveniently formed from sustainable and innovative materials, like, pineapple leaves, apple skin, cork from oak trees, and other unwanted fruit leftover, along with reclaimed plastic.

It is common for most vegan leather bags to look like normal leather-like bags. Good quality vegan leather is quite similar to real leather and it is hard to find a difference between them.

Let's get started with our list now!


  1. Cruelty-Free

Firstly, vegan leather is the greatest option as it does not involve animals normally cowhide or bovine is used especially for the production of bags. It is a cruelty-free option that does not involve the slaughter of animals to obtain their skin for the production of leather. Not only this, to obtain the hide, it is common for animals to be violently fleshed and put through torture. Factory owners also keep these animals in unhygienic overcrowded areas, with little access to fresh air, and a regular supply of food and water. On the contrary, vegan handbags are generally produced from synthetic materials such as polyurethane which does not pose any danger to animals. All of these stated factors make vegan leather ideal for all animal lovers who wish to stick to products that do not involve any pain to animals. In fact, this does not just apply to animal lovers only, it is only right for all of us to stand up together to put an end to animal suffering globally. Animals should not have to bear the cost of our fashion choices.

  1. Sustainability

If you are an eco-friendly person who truly cares for the environment and its wellbeing, these vegan leather bags are just the thing for you. This is because with vegan bags you can purchase all your favourite bags guilt-free, while also ensuring that you stay fashionable. 

Here are a couple of reasons why vegan bags are considered to be a much better alternative in terms of environmental sustainability:

  • Vegan leather bags generally produce much less waste on average, making their production one of the most efficient ones in the fashion industry.
  • Making vegan leather handbags is also less resource-intensive, meaning that the overall procedure does not require as much usage of materials. Further, the process releases much fewer toxins in the air ensuring that there is less air pollution caused.
  • Good use of waste materials.

As mentioned above, vegan leather is made from materials such as apple peels, leaves, recycled plastic bottles, etc, which implies that its production essentially makes good use of discarded items. The use of plastic bottles is especially useful, as alternatively, these bottles would have ended up in landfills and oceans causing pollution and great environmental damage over there.

All of these factors combine together to make these vegan bags much more sustainable than bags made from other materials. Keeping in mind the rapid rise in issues such as those concerning global warming, ozone depletion etc, it is important for us as a global community to align our practises to the needs of our planet, in order to ensure its healthy survival.


  1. Quality

Another major benefit of using vegan leather bags is the great quality control that accompanies them. The reason why it is difficult to differentiate between vegan leather and real leather is because high-quality vegan leather has the same texture and roughness as genuine leather, so by switching to vegan leather for the betterment of the planet, you won't be making a compromise in terms of the good you will get out of the product. Moreover, vegan leather bags are considered to be much more adaptable than actual leather because they have a greater capacity to store pigment. This quality factor is also evident in the fact that these bags are quite the rage right now and people love them for adding up to their overall style. Vegan leather bags are also quite durable and long-lasting, so whatever money you spend, it will be worth it!


  1. Variety

Vegan leather handbags come in a variety of different styles and designs. So, depending upon your liking, you can choose the one that fits you best. The high-quality feature of these leather bags makes them well suited to wear with formal attire, and the spark and shine it has to offer is perfect to rock any casual or party wear outfit. So if you are planning on switching to vegan handbags, you do not have to worry about having limited choices.


  1. Luxury

In recent years, the fashion industry has taken great interest in producing vegan leather bags and it is needless to say that they have become quite the status symbols today. Renowned brands such as Gunas, Matt & Nat, Sole Society, etc are all offering bags that are made from vegan leather. These bags look and feel exactly like real leather, but are just more sustainable as well as ethical and hence appealing to people. So, if you are a person who likes to stay up to date with all the latest fashion trends, these vegan leather bags are just the thing for you. I mean, it's quite a win-win situation here, you get to purchase great quality bags for yourself while also keeping the process guilt-free since you are supporting a good cause!

Our vegan leather handbags can help you feel empowered!


We hope that this article has helped you understand why you need to switch to vegan leather handbags instead of using the conventional ones. Make a choice today to be sustainable, stand up against animal suffering and stay in fashion in the best way possible with the latest vegan leather handbags!