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From Scholarships to Runways: Texcoco Collective's 2023 Year in Review

From Scholarships to Runways: Texcoco Collective's 2023 Year in Review

Hey Texcoco community,

Let's take a moment to chat about the epic journey we've had in 2023!

First things first, big news! We've officially expanded our Texcoco Collective crew. No longer just a one-woman show, we welcomed Cesar Barbosa on board. His passion for entrepreneurship and killer project management skills have been game-changers, helping us build stronger ties with suppliers and take our vision global.

Texcoco Collective team photo at trade show event

Now, let's talk threads! Our 2nd Collection dropped, and it's a love letter to style, sustainability, and quality. Each piece is a testament to our commitment to crafting beautiful, eco-friendly fashion, all proudly made in Mexico. Supporting quality craftsmanship and design? That's how we roll.

In May, we got an exclusive invite to showcase our collection at Revival Runway! Collaborating with my other venture, High Wasted Society, we whipped up a range using up-cycled and found materials—because sustainability isn't just a value; it's a lifestyle.

High Wasted Society and Texcoco Collective on Revival Runway

In August, the universe gave us a high-five by awarding us the New Breed Scholarship for Life In Style Melbourne. A pat on the back for our dedication to eco-friendly fashion and a golden ticket to showcase our unique cactus leather creations to a wider audience. How cool is that?

Shoutout to The Lot Co for being our guiding stars in the business cosmos. Two coaching sessions later, and we're masters at sorting out our COGs and finances. Not glamorous, but crucial for smarter decisions and sustainable growth. Bonus: a snazzy photoshoot for our 2nd Collection by The Life Style Edit in a cute cactus garden.
Four images of Cactus Leather handbags in a cactus gardenFast forward to trade show adventures. We planted the Texcoco Collective flag in New Zealand, making strides in the global impact game. Building relationships with wholesale clients has been a journey, and we're stoked to keep growing internationally in 2024.

Taking our show on the road, we hit up local markets at the year's end. Meeting like-minded souls, sharing our story, and spreading the Texcoco Collective love—it was a blast!

As we gear up for 2024, the excitement is real. With your continued support, we're ready to rock another year of style, sustainability, and making a positive impact on the world.

Cheers to you, the journey, and the fabulous future ahead!

Warm regards,
Monique Montfroy
Founder, Texcoco Collective